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Review: A Touch of Gold by Annie Sullivan

July 17, 2018


A Touch of Gold

by Annie Sullivan


Description from Goodreads:

Gold is wealth. Wealth is power. Power is a curse.

King Midas once had the ability to turn all he touched into gold. But after his gift—or curse—almost killed his daughter, Midas relinquished The Touch forever. Ten years later, Princess Kora still bears the consequences of her father’s wish: her skin shines golden, rumors follow her everywhere she goes, and she harbors secret powers that are getting harder to hide.

Kora spends her days locked in the palace, concealed behind gloves and veils, trying to ignore the stares and gossip of courtiers. It isn’t until a charming young duke arrives that Kora realizes there may be someone out there who doesn’t fear her or her curse. But their courtship is disrupted when a thief steals precious items from the kingdom, leaving the treasury depleted and King Midas vulnerable. Thanks to her unique ability to sense gold, Kora is the only one who can track the thief down. As she sails off on her quest, Kora learns that not everything is what it seems—not thieves, not pirates, and not even curses. She quickly discovers that gold—and the power it brings—is more dangerous than she’d ever believed.

Midas learned his lesson at a price. What will Kora’s journey cost?

From author Annie Sullivan comes A Touch of Gold, the untold story of the daughter King Midas turned to gold, perfect for fans of Cinder and The Wrath and the Dawn.




When King Midas turned his daughter Kora into gold and the god told them how to reverse it, everyone thought the gold curse was over. They were wrong – Midas messed up one of the rules. Now Kora has permanently golden skin, although she can still move, and she has other abilities. Unfortunately, her appearance makes people flee in terror and her abilities make her a target for fortune hunters…

A Touch of Gold by Annie Sullivan was a pretty interesting book. I would have never thought of having a story about King Midas’ daughter, and it was cleverly done. It is also important to mention that this book takes a turn of being a seafaring adventure, full of pirates, sword fights, treasure hunts, and the rest. I really enjoyed the story!

There were a couple of major plot twists in this book. I guessed the truth from some of the foreshadowing, but didn’t quite get my predictions right. So bravo Annie Sullivan!

Another thing I liked was the twist on the typical “magical kiss.” It was reversed from the usual fairytale kiss, and I loved it. Hilarious!

Overall, though, I feel like this book was missing something. It was cleverly written with a lot of cool ideas. But despite everything, it was a little predictable. Or was it that it wasn’t as can’t-put-it-down-compelling as I had hoped? I can’t put my finger on it, but it is definitely missing something.

A Touch of Gold was a pretty interesting book, and I recommend it to YA fantasy readers.

I received a complementary copy of this book. All opinions are my own, and I received no compensation for sharing them.